Posted by: Rachael | August 23, 2010

Home of the Chopped Champ

Some of my extended family were up visiting Saturday night to prepare for a little BBQ shindig on Sunday, and I was in charge of making the dinner reservations for the eight of us. Of course, I insisted we go to one of my favorite places in Albany – New World Bistro Bar !

I have absolutely loved this place since it first opened, and everyone else was just as excited to check it out! See, you may have heard of a little show on the Food Network called “Chopped”. Well, the chef at NWBB, Ric Orlando, recently took top honors and was the Chopped Champion. That was pretty much all it took to convince the fam that this was the place to go – although I would have suggested it anyways. The dishes and flavor combinations at this place are so unique (think Asian-style fried calamari and chocolate chili truffles), and they make it a point to use the freshest local ingredients whenever possible.

I wish I could say I snapped more pics of the meal, but I’m blaming it on the fact that I’m a blog newbie (and that I was too busy shoving my face with delicious food to take pictures). What I did capture however was the famous jerk chicken dish that sealed Ric’s victory on Chopped. Both my dad and uncle ordered it at a hotness level of 10, which pretty much meant the chicken was swimming in an insanely spicy habanero sauce. Trust me – I dipped the edge of my pinky in that sauce and steam started coming out of my ears! No one could deny it was delicious though, and 15 minutes later both plates were cleaned.

As a table, we went through copious amounts of food and drink, including several bottles of Red Monster petite-syrah and a variety of fruit mojitos. For my entrée, I had the Hudson Valley Salad with organic greens, apples, grilled red onions, hazelnuts, and bleu cheese topped with a huge hunk of grilled tofu. This is definitely my go-to meal at NWBB, and it didn’t disappoint. It’s one of those meals that you stuff yourself on because you just can’t stop taking another bite – regardless of  how full you are! Other items ordered at the table included:

  • Saigon calamari
  • broccoli rabes with gigante beans and dried tomatoes
  • Korean BBQ pork belly
  • mushroom risotto
  • grilled littlenecks
  • summer seafood bowl
  • Moroccan olive crusted ahi tuna
  • steak frites
  • chocolate-chevre truffle
  • fruit crisp
  • lime-time tart

Clearly, my family can eat!! Between the 8 of us, we devoured everything that was put in front of us. No one had a single complaint or bad thing to say – both the food and service were phenomenal. It was great to finally introduce my parents to this place that has become such a staple in my life. I can pretty much guarantee they will be back for more! I’m already thinking of an excuse to get back there…perhaps for their equally insane weekend brunch! =) Seriously, if you live in Albany or within an hour radius of the place, you seriously need to check this place out! You will not be disappointed!

Ok, I’m out….can’t wait to share the yummy treats I’m making for the BBQ party tomorrow! I promise they are adorable!


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