Posted by: Rachael | September 6, 2010

I need an intervention

Yes, I really REALLY do. Not just any intervention though folks – a Whole Foods/Trader Joe’s intervention. I wish I could tell you my ridiculous obsession with these two stores was completely normal, but I’d be lying. Which is why I got up Friday morning, got an oil change, and drove 2 hours to Hadley, Massachusetts to visit the closest ones. Sometimes I don’t know what is more pathetic – the fact that I actually make this drive on a regular basis, or the fact that these are the closest Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s to the city of Albany! It’s blasphemous I tell you!

Before heading out, I munched on my usual breakfast – apples and peanut butter – so satisfying and delicious every time.

Today’s apple was a rare red delicious (I actually don’t like these very much at all, but my roomie picked up the wrong kind of apples while she was at the store that day) with some Cream-Nut peanut butter from the new Fresh Market grocery store in Latham. It was pretty tasty – super crunchy and creamy at the same time, but a tad bit too salty for my taste!

On my drive out I listened to a Dan Brown audio book (love me some Robert Langdon!) and munched on this:

This Pure Organic bar was awesome – totally tasted just like cherries  and cashews – with a texture very similar to that of a Larabar. So yummy, and the perfect amount of fuel for a grueling day of shopping…hehe 🙂

Fast-forward 2 hours later….TADA!

I am actually sitting here salivating as I look at this pictures again. Is it normal to get this excited about grocery shopping?! I hope I’m not the only one! Really though, this plaza in Hadley, MA is a one-stop shop for everything! There’s a Panera, Target, Old Navy, EMS, Marshalls, Barnes & Noble, Pier One…the list goes on. Usually, I bring some work or studying with me and spend some time at Panera just to say I was somewhat productive, but today I only had food on the brain!

By the time I got to the Whole Foods parking lot, it was almost 1pm and I was starving of course! I headed straight for the salad/hot bar and made myself this glorious creation:

In the mix: Lettuce, cabbage, satay tofu, roasted sweet potatoes, tabbouleh salad, roasted brussel sprouts, tomatoes, goat cheese and almonds, plus a refreshing Tazo Passion Iced tea on the side. Totally hit the spot and fueled me up for the rest of the shopping trip!

After lunch, I pulled out the shopping list I had diligently made the night before and told myself that I couldn’t deviate from it under any circumstances – I was on a strict budget, and only there for the essentials. Haha…yeah right. As you can imagine, the list lasted all of five minutes. As soon as I turned down the first aisle, I was greeted by these:

Finally! All of the new Larabar flavors!! I have been searching all over Albany for these babies with no luck – so I stocked up while I had the chance. I cannot wait to try them, especially the carrot cake and chocolate chip cookie dough flavors I’ve heard such great things about! =)

Deviation #2 from the list came when I hit the wine section. In New York, grocery stores can’t sell wine (does anyone else think this is a silly rule??). Needless to say, my excitement of being in Whole Foods increased exponentially when I hit the wines and saw that many of the bottles I’d been dying to try this summer were on sale. I may have went a little overboard, but I swear, I needed all of these….

Once I found the wine, it was all downhill from there. The list was forgotten as I wandered up and down the aisles – and later did the same at TJs – picking up anything and everything that called to me. Four hours and what felt like hundreds of foodgasms later, my trunk looked like this:

Like I said earlier – I need an intervention. This is not normal, and clearly not good for either my wallet or my waistline. I could literally feel all the extra junk in my trunk as I drove the 2 hours back home to Albany…I swear I had to give it some extra gas just to make it through the ups and downs of the Berkshires. It took me about an hour to unpack all of my goodies and get organized at home, but I must say there’s nothing quite like a fully stocked fridge:

Mmm my mouth is already watering just thinking about all the dishes I’m going to make this week from my new bounty. I’m heading down to New Jersey for the 3-day weekend (to hang out with my besties yet again!) and we have quite the BBQ planned! Hope you have a wonderful labor day weekend….and please let me know I’m not the only one who goes this crazy for good food! =)


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