Posted by: Rachael | October 2, 2010

Squish Squash

Normally I would say TGIF, but all I can think is thank God Friday is almost over!! Man am I glad it finally stopped raining! It was coming down so hard this morning I thought the house was exploding when I woke up. Needless to say, it was definitely a wellie day!

SQUISHHHHH….That was pretty much the only sound I heard all morning long. The whole time I was driving to work I was wishing I could turn around and crawl back in bed. What else is there to do on such a gloomy day, right?! Luckily, I only had to work a half day, and when I got home there was a wonderful (and slightly drenched) surprise waiting for me!

Yummy! I love creating my own granola from MixMyGranola. If you have a weakness for granola and you haven’t been to this site yet, I suggest you check it out immediately! You can pick your favorite granola base and then add all sorts of delicious mix-ins like nuts, dried fruit, chocolate, organic powders – the list is endless. Then you can name your mix, upload a picture if you are so inclined, and have it shipped directly to your door. The company was running a 10% off deal for fall, so I couldn’t resist. Plus, they give you so much that one tube is enough to last you a long time!

My mix this time was Berry Cherry Cocoflax. Can you guess what’s in it?! Organic muesli base with dried blueberries, unsweetened coconut flakes, flaxseed, and organic dried cherry powder. Yes, yes, thank you captain obvious! I couldn’t help but try a little bit right when I opened it up and it was amazing! I think this one might top the plum pistachio goodness mix I made a few months back. =)

A few hours later, the rain finally stopped and I was able to get in a quick 3 mile run. After that, I packed up a couple of the lovely acorn squash I got in my CSA this week and headed over to my parents’ house to cook up some goodies for dinner. There are a lot of things I love about my parents being local, one of which is the fact that my mom gets as excited about cooking as I do! Our first task of the evening was to roast up the acorn squash – seasoned only with a little olive oil, salt, pepper, and pumpkin pie spice (delic!!) – for about 40 min at 425 degrees.

I love how amazing the house smells while these are cookin’.

Mmm the finished product was so good….we just kept picking out of the bowl as we made our next dish, which was my mom’s first attempt at butternut squash soup. And let me tell you, she did a grrrrreat job! We followed Ina’s recipe for butternut squash soup with curry condiments that we saw on an old episode of her show this past weekend on Food Network. We had one huge butternut to chop up and it was a daunting task!

But the finished product was well worth the chopping effort…

So good!! Thick, creamy, butternut squash soup with a little scallions and cashews sprinkled on top. Amazingness. So what if my dinner tonight consisted of 100% squash – thatt’s perfectly acceptable as far as I’m concerned. Don’t knock it till you try it folks!

Gosh, I am so looking forward to this weekend! See, we actually had a reason for making all those tasty squash dishes. My little bro is flying in for the week from L.A. and he’s big into the veggies/organic thing. These are a couple of his favorites, and my mom and I pull out all the stops when he comes home, especially because we usually see him less than once a year. Unfortunately I have to leave for a work trip in Atlanta on Sunday so my visit with him will be short-lived – but we’ll make the most of it! Tomorrow is supposed to be a gorgeous fall day, and Oktoberfest is happening in the heart of downtown Albany!! Can’t wait to drink more pumpkin beers and eat German food with the mini-me! And we’ve got a greeeeat dinner planned at my favorite restaurant!! Stay tuned – they have a new fall menu and you can bet I will be trying everything on it!!

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