Posted by: Rachael | December 27, 2010

is the north pole hiring?*

Even if the job market is dismal right now, I’m putting in my application to officially become one of Santa’s elves. Yes, that’s right. The sheer amount of Christmas-related tasks I’ve successfully checked off my list in the three days following my comprehensive exam would put even the most tenured elf to shame.


So, maybe I’ve sacrificed organization and cleanliness to make Christmas happen this year. My apartment may or may not look like it’s been ransacked by a tornado of chaos. That’s ok. After a month of nothing but studying in my free time, my inner Martha Stewart-aspiring, Christmas loving, cookie baking extraordinaire alter ego just burst out of me. I tell you, it’s a beast that just can’t be tamed. Plus, I keep telling myself that there’s always time to clean up on Sunday after the festivities are over!

So, what exactly did I accomplish between Tuesday and Thursday you ask? How bout a little rundown…

The presents are wrapped:

All 8,567,312 of them. Getting them into the car is another story entirely, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

The cookies are baked and packaged (and the cupcakes too!):


Candy cane kisses, flourless PB bites, brownie hugs, M&M gingerbread, maple walnust shortbread, spice supcakes with cream cheese frosting, rice krispie wreaths, peppermint bark….mmm mmm good.

10 batches and three days. That has got to be some kind of record. I’m pretty positive that my oven would disown me if it could. Either that or my downstairs neighbors are going to murder me the next time the fire alarm goes off at 2am.


My individualized chocolate bark bars are made, packaged, and decorated:

Every year, I try to make a foodie gift that incorporates the recipients’ favorite foods and flavors. A few Christmases ago, I started the tradition of making chocolate bark bars with fixins tailored to each person I made them for. Now, they are a hit with family and friends, and I churn out more and more of them every year. This time I really outdid myself – both in terms of my flavor creations and in my decorative wrapping of each bar. I’m already planning a post on the whole bark process from start to finish, so stay tuned for that early next week. =)

I’ve also got everything ready to go for a fabulous Christmas day side dish:


After my highly successful attempt to recreate Jenna’s sweet and spicy BBQ baked beans for a midnight snack last weekend (I have been eating them religiously for lunch every day if that tells you anything),  I knew they’d be the perfect side dish to bring down to my aunt and uncle’s for the annual Christmas Day family extravaganza. I like to think I’ve “Christmafied” them a bit by adding grape tomatoes to the mix just before baking. Who doesn’t love a side dish that’s festive AND delicious!

I don’t know about you, but I’d like to think Santa would pay well for these skills.

Santa – if you’re listening (which I know you are) – feel free to stop by during your gift run tonight to chat logistics. Perhaps we can work something out for Xmas 2011. I will have cookies [clearly] and milk waiting….

P.S. Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

P.P.S.  Does bribing Santa with cookies automatically put you on the naughty list? I hope not. I’m supposed to get a kitchen aid this year and certainly don’t want to do ANYTHING to jeopardize that.


**note: i had every intention of posting this on christmas eve but unforeseen circumstances (computer crash, flash drive malfunction, huge nor’easter snow storm) i couldn’t get this up until today!


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