Posted by: Rachael | January 19, 2011

winter blues

ok, i’ve had enough with winter in albany. my car made it a whole five feet today before it got stuck and i haven’t been to my gym in at least a week. i also may or may not have received a near third degree burn from my hot hands warmers…it hasn’t been pretty.

why can’t i just live here:

ahhh san diego, my happy place – circa 2009. i suppose i’ll have to be content to just dream about you for the time being.

it’s not that i don’t love snow – in fact, i think it’s beautiful. butttt, if it’s gonna snow, it better look something like this:

that would be my trip to the rocky mountains last year. that snow was glorious in ever sense of the word.

that snow was entirely UNLIKE  like the four inches of frozen mix we got this morning Рjust enough to make the morning commute precarious, but not enough to actually enjoy any winter activities.

what else is there to do but make myself a steaming mug of hot chocolate and shop online for some new lululemon pants? nothing like a little chocolate and retail therapy to cheer a girl up!

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