Posted by: Rachael | February 2, 2011

What to do if you’re snowed in

This is the situation outside my apartment right now…

 Just another day in the Northeast I suppose. I find it hard to believe that the groundhog actually made it out of his hole today let alone didn’t see his shadow. Are you really gonna tell me that Spring is just around the corner??

Doubtful me thinks. Anyways, because I’m snowed in today and the buses are majorly delayed [ yesterday i walked the 2 miles home from work in this because they were running over an hour late], I decided to compile a list of things you can do to take your mind off of being stuck inside all day. I don’t know about you, but I get incredibly antsy when I can’t just get up and go somewhere – this weather just doesn’t jive with my go-go-go personality! You may have your own list of coping mechanisms for an indoor fun fest, but here are a few of my favorite snow-day activities in case you are in need of ideas!

1. make soup

right now, i have a batch of tomato soup bubbling away on the stove! i started it right when i got up this morning so it would have time to develop and be ready in time for delicious lunch. i’m thinking of pairing it with a nice grilled cheese – there really is no greater snow day meal! some of my other favorite soups to make include my coconut curried sweet potato soup (pictured above), kath’s butternut squash and kale soup and mama peas’s spicy african peanut stew. also, jenna’s recent post about broccoli and cheddar soup looks like it was made just for us snowed-in folks!

2. play wii

this was a new year’s resolution of my roomate’s, and i am more than happy to help her out. you see, we purchased a wii and wii fit 2 years ago and hardly ever play it! i mean, we’ve hard mario kart sitting unopened for over a year! what is wrong with this situation?!?! last week, we finally broke out those steering wheels for some virtual fun and had a blast. since we both have a snow day today, mario kart has been added to the list of things we must accomplish! i am determined to win a grand prix race with boswer and i have all the time in the world to practice his maneuverability today! [photo courtesy of]

3. do an indoor workout

one of the worst things about being snowed in is that i can’t get to the gym or go for a run. however, i’ve discovered that [while shoveling out your car is fabulous cardio] there are plenty of fun and free workout videos you can do within the comfort of your own home. i typically use exercise tv on demand, or itunes podcasts. some of my favorites are jackie warner’s boot camps, anything jillian michaels, and dave farmar yoga podcasts. i also highly recommend p90x if you want something to make you reall sweat. [photo courtesy of]

4. make hot chocolate.

i’m not talking about the swiss miss kind here – i’m talking about homemade, creamy, delicious hot chocoloate with copious amounts of marshmallows on top. this is a winter no brainer people. it’s even better if these guys are involved:

5. get some reading done

that would be my brand new kindle!! i finally ordered one last week after literally going back and forth for a month. every morning i got up i would go to the amazon website and contemplate purchasing this bad boy, and every time i would talk myself out of it somehow. well, i finally caved and i couldn’t be happier with my purchase! it’s everything i hoped it would be and more! two of my current book recommendations for a snowy day inside are The Scorch Trials [by James Dashner] and The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest [Stieg Larsson].

 i just finished Scorch Trials and couldn’t put it down (its the second in a triology) and am about to start the girl who kicked the hornet’s nest, which i know will be just as amazing as the first two. i’m on a real trilogy kick right now, what can i say. i highly recommend both books – the first is great for people who love young adult books like the hunger games and i am number 4, while the later is a bit dark and twisty, but just as awesome!

6. catch up on blogs

i’ve been so busy lately that i haven’t had the chance to catch up on all of my favorite blogs [see my list of links to the right that i love to read on a regular basis]. a snow day is the perfect excuse to settle in at my new laptop and click through some beautiful food photography and witty writing. i don’t know about you, but if i could get paid for reading blogs, i’d be the happiest girl in the world!

or, instead of doing all these fun things, i could just go shovel out my car and park it on the other side of the street in time for the snow emergency

what’s that, you can’t see a car buried under there?

yeah, me either….

time to go get those snowboots on.


  1. Here’s another cute list of things to do when you are snowed in:

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