About Me

Hi guys! My name is Rachael and I’m a 26 year old Ph.D. student living and working in Albany, New York! Even though I don’t have any professional culinary experience, I have had an enormous passion for cooking and eating my whole life. I credit my  amazing family for my “I’ll try anything once” mentality, and I’m not afraid to get creative in the kitchen, regardless of the result! Although I’m not a nutritionist, my undergraduate degree was in biology (yeah University of Richmond – Go Spiders!), and I have an MPH in chronic disease epidemiology so I know a lot about eating healthy and staying active. I currently work for the state diabetes program, and am pursuing a Ph.D. in epidemiology – which has nothing to do with skin in case you were wondering! In my spare time, I love hanging out with my amazing friends, traveling to new and exciting places, and just living a healthy, balanced life! I hope you’ll join me as I document my culinary, fitness, and other fun endeavors along the way…welcome to Eat, Exercise & Explore! 🙂

25 Things You Didn’t Know…About Me!

1. I think apples with peanut butter may be the greatest thing in the world. If I was on a desert island and could only have one thing…this would be it. I might ask for a pack of orbit chewing gum as well – as we all know, I have a serious gum addiction.

2. My number one goal in life is to own my own horse some day – and I want to name him Oliver. Forget being a cat lady – if i could have a stable of horses my life would be complete.

3. After I finish my PhD, I’m moving to San Diego. I’ve seen enough of the East Coast for now…and San Diego is my happy place – it’s perfect all year round.

4. I hate flying but I do it anyways because I love traveling to new places.

5. I have a MAJOR phobia of being alone for more than 24hrs. I need constant social interaction or I go insane.

6. I love running. Love it. It’s the best stress release there is! Now I just need a big dog that I can take on runs with me!

7. Listening to country music always makes me happy, especially if it’s Rascal Flatts.

8. I like watching sports as much as guys do – especially the Yankees. I could watch every game they play. I don’t care if they are corrupt, I love them.

9. My mommy is my best friend =)

10. Sometimes I wish I could go to school forever – other times I wish I could quit tomorrow. And I definitely still want to go to culinary school someday!

11. I want to eventually live in a city where I can walk everywhere and never have to drive my car again.

12. I’m on team Britney.

13. I’ve played the oboe, baritone, flute and saxophone in band but I still suck at playing Rockband

14. I am sometimes embarrassed to tell people abroad that I’m from the U.S..

15. I have the guiltiest conscience ever. If I gossip about someone or fight with anyone, I instantly feel really bad and hate myself for it after…this usually ends with me crying and apologizing immediately. My mom can tell you all about it.

16. I love snow on Christmas  – and that’s it.

17. I think the guy who plays Sawyer on LOST is the world’s most attractive man.

18. I am a huge nerd. Science nerd. History nerd. Computer nerd…100% nerd all around. I mean, I dream of being a contestant on Jeopardy. How nerd-tastic is that.

19. I love cooking and fashion and experimenting with both.

20. I have wanted to be an astronaut, an archaeologist, a doctor, a horse trainer, and an interior decorator in the past. It wasnt until grad school that I realized public health was the career for me – but I’d still be any one of these things if I could. Except maybe a doctor – I cant handle blood and guts like I used to.

21. If I had all the money in the world I’d visit a new place every weekend until I’d been everywhere in the world.

22. I prefer Starbucks a million times to Dunkin Donuts. I could spend all day just sitting drinking coffee, listening to music and reading.

23. Sometimes I wish Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry was a real place – because I’d soooo apply there. I would much rather sit through Defense Against the Dark Arts than Biostatistics.

24. I’m still jealous that my brother is tall and I’m not. Being IDed at rated-R movies and offered the children’s menu at restaraunts is getting old believe it or not!

25. My friends and family are my life. They are amazing and I love them! =)

Disclaimer: I’m not a Registered Dietitian (RD). For specific medical counseling or advice, please contact an RD or your doctor. Everything on this blog reflects my own personal opinions and feelings!


  1. Hi Rachael!

    My name is Heather and I blog at ThenHeatherSaid.com – I live in the capital district area and i just wanted to say hi. I’m an admin on the Healthy Living Blogs site and was VERY excited to see another local blogger come across the email 🙂

    we have A LOT of meet ups and hang outs going on and would love to add you to the email chain for events we bloggers do together – drop me an email at thenheathersaid at gmail and i will add you!

    a few things we have coming up:

    -oct 23rd a road trip to Trader Joes and Whole Foods in Mass. One of our “local” bloggers is really a Mass blogger who drives 45 minutes to our meet ups – so we are going to be meeting up and driving out to her house, and then tripping together to TJ/WF.

    -we also have lots of “bring your laptops” meet ups where we sit around and share blogging/reading/etc tips. its a lot of fun.

    -we also have some “in progress” plans – pumpkin carving, corn maze, game nights, dinners, brunches, farmers market trips – etc .

    seriously girl – EMAIL ME! i’ll put you on the list and introduce you to the other girls in the area 😉

    • Hi Heather!! Thanks so much for the warm welcome! I would absolutely love to meet up with you and some other local bloggers! I’m brand new to all of this and could definitely benefit from hearing more from you all! And let me tell you, I routinely make that trip out to Whole Foods/Trader Joe’s in Hadley (about 1.5 hrs away from me) – just goes to show how awesome both of those stores are!! Thanks for reaching out! =)

  2. Hi,

    I wanted to inform you of the 2011 Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference, scheduled for June 24-26 in Boulder, Colorado.


    This conference will be a gathering of bloggers from throughout North America who specialize in the areas of fitness or health. I live in Boulder and can tell you it is a very active, healthy city and the perfect place for this conference.

    Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to be included in conference updates. Find us on Twitter @fitnessbloggers

    I hope you can join us!

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